Building of a little straw-bale house "Slamenka" Summer 2009 and 2010, South Bohemia, Czech Republic

First of all please, forgive me my imperfect English, I hope that understanding is possible.
This site is made for everybody who is interested in such matters like low-budget, make-your-self construction of organic house of wood, straw-bale and earth and especially for those, who would like to come here and try and learn it with their own hands, helping us to build our Slamenka.
We offer the place for your tent, drinking water and sanitation, the summer kitchen and participation in common cooking, if wished. And more - a beautiful countryside of South Bohemia for walking or biking.
The foundation is made and during this spring and summer we'll going to procede with construction (the framework and and the roof, the straw-bales and the plasters).
If you are going to visit us, please contact us previously on e-mail: We are looking forward to meet you, Iva and Tomas

Our guides for the construction process:
- using of organic materials from local origin preferably
- using of recycled and second-hand components as windows, doors and so on
- pursuit of low-energy and high efficiency design in terms of sustainable living
- last but not least - pursuit of a colorful and matching new landscape form

So far, our plans look like this (future changes possible):
The foundations: rubble trench foundation + rubble mound combined with little stone walls + larch timber footing frame
Load bearing structure: timber structure of logs, beams and slabs
The walls: Straw bale with earth plasters, adobe or cob
The roof: timber rafters and second-hand roof tiles, lambs wool/straw insulation

Our piece of land in November 2009

The future house - more or less

The future house - more or less

The layout - more or less

Our village from above
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